The Salvation of Ebby Scrooge

The Salvation of Ebby Scrooge
Horizon Theatre
December 14 and 15, 2021

Hats off to the cast and crew at Horizon, for hosting this somewhat strange adaptation of a classic story to benefit the Atlanta Artist Relief Fund. At this season in these days, we can all do with some sort of relief.

The dynamic comic team of Larry Larson and Eddie Levi Lee came together once more to create a show which is staged as if the cast were doing a reading for a radio production of the story. The grumpy Scrooge in this one is the woman Emory, or Ebby as they may call her, played by Keena Redding. She’s a tough piece of work, but you can guess how she may wind up at the end.

Rob Cleveland comes on as Fezziwig and a few other folks, and the Cratchit acting as the DJ is Barry Stoltze. The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future are Eden Mew, Kayce Grogan-Wallace and Barry Stoltze. The other actors playing several roles include Lala Cochrane, SR Gentry, and Maqueli Rivers. Cat Mew directs the show and each and every one of the company are doing all they can to help those in need. All proceeds are going to the relief fund.

The show runs only 2 more nights at 7:30 and the Horizon is easy to get to in Little Five Points. We salute them, each and every one of them for their work. More info and tickets at And know the usual Covid protocols are followed, so bring your CDC card, ID and mask. Happy Holidaze to all . . .