The Savannah Sipping Society

The Savannah Sipping Society
Art Station Theatre

You’ve seen man shows crafted by the trio calling themselves Jones Hope Wooten, which is really their surnames. One you may always recall would be those four old broads called the Golden Girls.

In this one, David Thomas directs four not-so-old gals as they work their way through some tough times down home in Savannah. Aretta Baumgartner, Mary Kathryn Kaye, Suzanne Roush and Karen Whitaker grab onto to your eyes and ears from the git-go, and never lose a minute other than the one intermission.

It is the usual highly entertaining production of this local theatre company,, and next up will be a one-nighter on the 29th for you to enjoy some Senior Moments.

We all stand, salute and thank the cast and crew of this theatre company for keeping up their good work in difficult days.

Enjoy it, and pass it on…