The Savannah Sipping Society

The Savannah Sipping Society
OnStage Atlanta
through April 30, 2017

Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten love to craft comedies under the pseudonym of Jones Hope Wooten.  They usually focus on groups of ladies as they try to work their way through disasters in the making.

In this one, you meet up with four women in Savannah, each of whom has her own story to tell, and own problems to deal with.  Randa (Abra Thurmond) is an architect who has recently been laid off from the firm where she worked.  She has some financial concerns about keeping the house she recently renovated.

She meets up with Marlafaye (Judith Beasley) who is a older hot chick who has some deep feelings about the Ex who is in Texas.  And when they run into one another Randa invites Marlafaye and this other gal, Dot (Bobbie Elzey), who is trying to get through the loss of her spouse,  to come over to her place for a drink.  And the stage is set, as a mere cuppa or sip of something is a start to a much deeper affiliation.

Actually, one of the gals had also invited a fourth to join them, and Randa and the others meet up with a new gal in town named Jinx (Lory Cox) who feels she has a new budding career as a life coach.  Lory played this part in the premiere of this latest of their works in Buford, this past year.

Cathe Hall Payne must have really enjoyed directing this show, with the hilarious lines and scenes.  Just when you think there is nothing more than could go awry, it does.  Just as Grandma (Angie Short) who shows up at the end of Act I.

A good set, splendid actors, and great script and everything weaves several tales into one.  If you enjoyed any of the other shows by the team known as Jones Hope Wooten, or love the reruns of Golden Girls, then you know you must get to see this one.

Easy to get to in their current venue on East Ponce near the DeKalb Farmers Market.  More info and tickets at