The Temple Bombing

The Temple Bombing
Alliance Theatre
through March 12, 2017

It was October 12, 1958, when The Temple on Peachtree Street was bombed and the explosion resonated throughout the nation.  For back in the 1950’s segregation was being made unlawful, albeit remained a common practice in many areas.  Blacks were mostly discriminated against in schools, restaurants, public transportation, and so much more.

Playwright Jimmy Maize delved deeply into the history of this event and others of like nature, to make certain that what was said was based upon facts.  For, as we know now, facts as stated aren’t necessarily always true.  Was a civil war against Jews about to start?   Were the Jews trying to take over the government and businesses of our area?

This is the final play to be staged at the Alliance, before it shuts down for a renovation in a few weeks.  Their season next year will be based on performances to be staged at several venues to be announced.

This play has 10 actors who come on in about 100 roles.  The leads are Caitlin O’Connell who plays Janice Rothschild, the wife of Rabbi Jacob Rothschild, played by Todd Weeks.   Janice is the narrator, while Rabbi Jacob is one who seeks to form acceptance and cooperation among persons of all faiths.    George Bright, who was the alleged bomber is played by Eric Mendenhall, and attorney Reuben Garland is played by Ric Reitz.

The show is directed by the playwright, and is a 90 minute one act production, designed to make one think of where things had been, how far we’ve come, and where we are these days 60 years on.   More info and tickets at