The Wild Women of Winedale

The Wild Women of Winedale
Center Stage North
through August 13, 2022

It’s an incredible evening when 10 women come together to take the stage with a play that is non-stop laughs. The ladies in Winedale each have their own good things and their own problems, and finding reasonable solutions doesn’t come easily.

The play by the trio of writers who call themselves Jones Hope Wooten (those are their surnames) have crafted hundreds of shows, most of which are about women; even some like Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia. Nylsa Smallwood directs this one and brings us to see Vicki Posey, Cheryl Baer, Kit Marshall, Meghan Claar, Amy Cain, Marge Krengel, Karen Ruetz, Julie Turner and Emily Kalat as the ladies in Winedale.

It’s always hard to understand how an actor can recall two hours of almost non-stop lines, when most of us may not recall the phone numbers of some family friends. It would be a tribute to the hard work this women have put forth, to hurry forth to see this show which runs for only a few more days. I promise you’ll not regret doing so.

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