The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz
Lyric Theatre
through April 24, 2022

Get up from the couch and be off to see the Wizard at the Lyric Theatre. For you know the story is about a young girl who takes her dog and follows a yellow brick road. But you haven’t quite seen it done with this much energy by such a talented cast on a local stage.

Directed by Greg London, the cast of 24 humans and one highly talented canine, take the stage and with unlimited energy work through the more than 15 highly entertaining numbers. The live band, under the baton of Don Jones, keeps the action going for almost 2.5 hours. Meg Young is Dorothy and you are going to want to take her home along with Toto. Jeff McKerley is both Professor Marvel and then the Wizard; while the good witch, Glinda (Jaymyria Etienne) gets into it with that Wicked Witch (Jillian Melko)

The choreography by Lauren Brooke Tatum is spell-binding. Wait until you see the moves that the young ensemble players pull off. It’s akin to the Highschool Olympics.
This is an absolute NYC quality production that you do not want to miss; and is truly enjoyed by everybody from 5 to 95 in the audience. More info and tickets at