Things My Mother Taught Me

Things My Mother Taught Me
Centerstage North Theatre
through May 18, 2019

We all can recall things our mothers may have tried to teach us; like dining table and bathroom manners, and how to respect one’s parents. Katherine DiSavino took many of these things and crafted a funny play about a young couple moving from NYC to Chicago, and how anything that could go wrong seems to do so.

Gabe Lawson (Alex Doriot) and Oliva Keegan (Sorcha Masters) are the couple in their late twenties who intend to cohabitate. After all, isn’t that the way most couple start out these days? Gabe drove the rental truck to the new place and they start to unload, when a piece of furniture clogs up the doorway making things ore difficult.

While the two deal with that problem, another problem arrives. It’s Olivia’s parents, Karen (Marge Krengel) and Carter (James Connor). Karen has the usual mothers’ considerations and warnings about her daughter’s activities. And the stress starts to build up, as her father tries to hunker down.

Who could guess that Gabe’s parents would then arrive on the scene? Lydia (Gisele Frame) and Wyatt (Jim Wilgus) find themselves drawn into a situation which seems not to have any easy resolutions. I can’t tell you what the young couple had in mind, or what next problem may arise; as the play’s the thing. I can tell you that the concept of the three couples trying to spend the night in a 2 bedroom flat with hardly any furniture, may make the Motel-8 look like the Ritz.

The building super, Max (Haley Masenthin) comes on as one who knows her way around most things and how to avoid things she prefers not to get sucked into. She’s not only funny, but she helps to resolve some difficult problem that the others couldn’t do.

Jerry Jobe directed this cute opus which has a very limited run. May 10 to 12, and May 16 to 18 only. Free parking, goodies to nosh on, and all seats have good views. More info at