‘Til Beth Do Us Part

‘Til Beth Do Us Part
Center Stage North
through May 20, 2023

This is another laugh-fest by the Jones/Hope/Wooten trio who always strike the right chords ether it be with Golden Girls or others. Jerry Jobe has brought togther a really good cast for this one, where we start off meeting Suzannah Hayden (Julie Turner) and hubby Gibby (Kevin Kreissl) She’s deep into working with a candy company, while he’s trying to make better sense of his own life and 27 years of marital bliss. Things go from bad to worse when you see how as her assistant, Beth (Tenia Taylor) is actually running their lives, not just following a simple “todo” list. Beth has a plan of her own and moving up the corporate ladder is her fashion.

Timother Resh plays Gibby’s buddy Hank, and Hank’s ex is played by Julie Resh and/or Amy Tallmadge. The CEO of the candy company is coming to dinner at the Hayden Home, as that’s how Beth waned to create a scene where she might be the object of attention more than Suzannah.

The set is a basic Moliere scene where one door opens another closes, and nobody ever seems to add up the odds. The show is a pure delight that runs about an hour and 45 minutes, with easy views for all seats, free parking and goodies for sale. More info at CenterStageNorth.com