Fox Theatre
through January 30, 2022

Tootsie is based on an old story that became a hot movie and transferred to the stage. It’s one of those stories which might have been influenced by Becoming Ernest; but in this case Dorothy.

The show is set in NYC and you meet Michael Dorsey (Drew Becker) who is having a tough time landing a role in anything. He does try to grab attention in drag as Dorothy Michaels and is on his way to hitting the big time. The story gets strange in many ways, mostly when a guy has eyes for Dorothy, and all the sort of craziness that might ensue. Of course there are plenty of expletives and single entendres in the show and it is a cute bit of eye candy for the audience.

Directed by Dave Solomon, the show also features Ashley Alexandra as Julie, Payton Reilly as Sandy, and Luka James Miller as Max van Horn. With a full live orchestra in the pit under the baton of Andrew Sotomayor, they move effortlessly through 22 numbers that you probably won’t be humming as you leave. The bottom line is that it is a good production with a fine cast, good choreography and score and enough laughs to make you feel the parking fees were worth it.

This is a touring company so will be hitting the road for Des Moines and then down to Memphis. Like they saw, show business ain’t always easy. But, more info and tickets at FoxTheatre,org Enjoy!