We Are a Masterpiece

We Are a Masterpiece
Out of Box Theatre
through February 2, 2020

This heroic saga by Gina Femia takes us back to the 1980s and the outbreak of AIDS in the mostly gay community. This small theatre in Marietta has brought together a VERY dedicated cast and they are directed by Dominic D’Andrea who has come down from New York to participate in this one.

The underlying story is best thought of by the adage that Love can accomplish what fear cannot begin to imagine. So many of us may recall having a family member who was perhaps ignored or even disowned, predicated upon sexual preferences; and the political disapproval of those who did not seem to comply with religious/moral standards.

Carolyn Choe is Joan, a nurse at a hospital in Michigan, where a young man was on the down slope due to AIDS, and many of her colleagues took steps to distance themselves. But nothing can induce total fear and dread in Joan, who stands by her professional obligations as well as her personal feelings that we are all people, regardless of the words used to describe us.

The French have a saying which is translated to say “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” And to this day there are many who degrade the LGBTQUI communities, as there are those who would voice little respect or regard for those with different skin color, or places of birth, or religions. Thankfully there are many of us who realize that the more one knows people of a different culture, the less inclined you are to wreak harm upon them.

This one is not for kiddies, and those with engraved anti-gay feelings may find it difficult. And those of us who lost a friend/relative to any form of STD may find it VERY moving. But know that love of one another shall help each of us survive whatever ills may visit us. Whatever you may feel, this is a tutorial session you should attend.

The venue is easy to get to Cobb Parkway a bit south of the Big Chicken. More info at OutOfBoxTheatre.com