Theatre of Your Dreams

Theatre of Your Dreams

The pandemic going on may have shuttered all of our theaters; but we all need to know that the theatre folks are not mere players whose life upon the stage will be heard no more. Fear not, for they shall all return and we must stand in concert with them to make sure they play to full houses and bring joy and relief into our lives once more.

Many of us recall days in the past decade when we lost some wonderful theatre companies; and also when so many stood up to the plate and did what they could to ensure that the houses would reopen once more. Our politicians finally got the message that what makes a city desirable is transportation, education and cultural arts.

Yes, Hartsfield is the air hub of the country, and probably did more to expand this city than anything before it. And these days our education systems, which had hit rock bottom some years ago, have recuperated and are now fully functional. And, we are so very fortunate to have such an active cultural arts community, ranging through the entire spectrum of the arts. And today they are all in a depression awaiting the days when the sun may shine once more.

If you know some folks who have brought pleasure to your eyes, ears, and hearts then reach out to them and let them know how much they have meant to you and to others. I doesn’t take much to let somebody know that you care for them and for those who may be important to them. We shall stand together and stand tall, and when the day is here we shall rise to welcome them back to great applause.

Hang in there, in these insane times. We have no other options.