The Lesson of Jan Karski
Theatrical Outfit
through February 18, 2024

With all the daily news these days, it becomes harder to accept mottos such as “Never Again” for those of us who lived through WWII we may not have all reacted but we shall never erase the memories of brutal arrests, encampments, killings and how terrible things seem to be coming back into daily experience.

Jan Karski was a Polish diplomat who did everything he could to help his countrymen escape the evils which were in store for them. He was also in the resistance and acted as an intelligence officer. After the war he would up as a professor at Georgetown University where his stories live on to these days.

Clark Young and Derek Goldman crafted this incredible tale of Jan’s experiences through life, and this show is a co-production with The Breman Museum. It is a one-man show which is presented in great strength by Andrew Benator. The show is such a high energy one that you wonder how he can possibly pull it off on successive dates; but he does.

Think about those concentration camps and events such as KristallNacht, and when you see what is going on in Ukraine and Israel you start to wonder how humans can be the sort of species that can be so inhumane. This is one you need to see and to reflect upon. More info and tickets at TheatricalOutfit.org