Scandal: Sealab

Scandal: Sealab
Dad’s Garage
through September 24, 2021

Each Friday, take a voyage to Dad’s Garage to the soap opera now staged 20,000 leagues below the sea in the Aquatic Nuclear International Station (ANIS) where the show, developed by Jamie Warde will perform a new story every week, as a cast of several players in some weird costumes respond to a story line they knew nothing of, before the improvisor narrator who is onstage next to the keyboard player calls them onstage and feeds them the interaction scenario.

Improv is the specialty of Dad’s Garage where they’ve done such work for more than 20 years, and they can still bring the house down as they hit the boards. Appropriate social distancing and other safety measures are observed, and it is a delight to see great stuff back to be performed live onstage.

If you’ve had enough on TV of doctors and politicians, this is one terrific relief. Located south of Little Five Points with free parking, open bar, and some goodies, Dad’s Garage is easy to get to and enjoyable to visit. This is not a show for the kiddies, but isn’t going to offend those of us who are old enough to buy a beer.

More info at DadsGarage.com


Summer Surf Party!

Summer Surf Party!
Geogia Ensemble Theatre
through July 25, 2021

Georgia Ensemble has brought back the fabulous five band members to take us back in years and to the beach; albeit this one is on the Hooch at Chattahoochee Nature Center. But, fear not. Wear what you want, bring what you want to munch on, and if you want to clap in time, dance in line, sing along or just go back in time this is a great evening of fun and music from the old days, and a tribute to the Beach Boys and Rock.

They do observe the usual social distancing norms, and there are tables under the pavilion and tent area; while you can also buy lawn tickets and bring your own chairs. You will love the presentations by Dolph Amick and Christopher Kent on guitars, backed up by Jeremy Wood on the keys, Chris Damiano on Bass and Zion Glenn on the drums. Each of these players pour loads of energy into every number.

So if you wish they could all be California Girls you will enjoy this one. Show time is 8pm and they play Thursday through Sunday. You can get there early as they open at 7 and they do have a bar available. For more info and tickets go to GET.org/summer-surf-party


Sundays on the River

Sundays on the River
Chattahoochee Nature Center
through September 12, 2021

On 2nd Sundays during the summer, the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell hosts outdoor concerts by different groups brought in by Lee J. Howard Entertainment. This past Sunday they presented the Joe Gransden Quartet with singer Robin Latimore. They perform in the Brady Pavilion where there are plenty of tables with easy seating, a cash bar and bring your own goodies for an evening out with picnic and music.

The Nature Center also has lawn seating available where you get less expensive admission, still have access to all facilities and can bring your own seating. The Center is located on Willeo Road along the Hooch, and is a very pleasant venue, with easy access and free parking.

Coming up August 8th will be Kevin Bales Jazz Quartet with Keri Johnsrud as they present an evening of the music of Fred Rogers. And on September 12th, the closing show will be the Joe Alterman Jazz Trio.

Check them out and you can get driving directions and seats online at ChattNatureCenter.org and click on special-events.


Into the Woods

Into the Woods
City Springs Theatre
through July 18, 2021

Whether you recall seeing Sondheim’s opus on screen or on stage, you will recall the principal melody which shows up in several numbers as well as Agony, and maybe a couple more. The production at City Springs Theatre under the direction of Kayce Grogan-Wallace is a true Broadway quality; with a fine set and props, costumes, and great cast as well as a full orchestra in the pit under the baton of Chris Brent Davis.

While the show is allegedly for viewers from 5 to 95, it really seems to relate more to the older kids with the AARP cards. They will get the morals squirreled away in the story line and lyrics. We figure out at a certain age that not every good deed results in great appreciation and pleasure; but that as you go through life, you need to be careful what you wish for.

But, you will meet up with Cinderella (Leigh Ellen Jones), Rapunzel (Rayven Bailey) and Jack (Haden Rider) as they deal with the good and evil in the woods. The witch (Terry Burrell) is bent on imposing her will upon all and she is truly one to be avoided when possible. The stories also include one of a poor chap who seeks to sell his cow, Milky White (Davon Farmer) for a few pounds rather than beans. Milky is an udder delight on stage.

The show runs a little more than 2½ hours, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday matinee. Valet and garage parking onsite, and every seat has good view of production. More info and tickets at CitySpringsTheatre.com


Calder-Picasso Exhibit

Calder-Picasso Exhibit
High Museum
through September 19, 2021

The High Museum is currently hosting a very thought provoking exhibit of works by Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso. Calder is best known for his metal mobile works and wire sculptures while most of Picasso’s works are his modernistic paintings, many of which you will recognize instantly. This exhibit, was organized by Ann Dumas from The Houston Museum of Fine Art and has come to Atlanta from the Musée National Picasso in Paris, and is a Must See for everyone of any age. The kiddies seem to enjoy it as much as the AARP crowd.

The show occupies several galleries on the second floor of the High, and you may also visit other areas while there. There are online specifications relating to tickets, Covid requirements, and times. So you should first look into the website which has all the info at High.org There is garage parking available although if you are able to grab Marta, it could be an easy way, considering local traffic.

These artists may have been from the same time periods but they came from very different backgrounds and actually were never real buddies. It is said they may have actually met fewer than 6 times, albeit they both passed in the mid 1970s.


Cash / Carter Tribute





Cash / Carter Tribute
Aurora Theatre
through July 3, 2021

A couple of local shining stars have taken to the stage in a cabaret style performance of a tribute to Johnny Cash and June Carter. Chase Peacock walks the line as Cash while Maggie Salley wows the house as Carter. These two both play instruments as well as sing, and they tell the story of the lives of the amazing duo; from the days they met up at the Grand Ole Opry to their final days.

Backed up by a stellar trio consisting of Nick Edelstein on guitar, Otis Gould on the drums and Jordan Thomas on Bass; the company moves through many famous numbers, each of which is handled by everyone on stage without any score in front of them. They come off as the real thing; and the audience just wants to clap along, stamp their feet and sing along; any of which is certainly acceptable.

The Aurora observes pretty strict Covid safety systems, so prepare that your temperature will be taken to gain entry, and everyone in the house is required to wear a mask. Notwithstanding the aggravations of the Covid stuff, it is an evening of really great entertainment; and may be a long time before this couple gets back onstage here; as they are heading off to The Big Apple to work their way onto the Broadway stage as quickly as they can. We wish them great success.

This is a Don’t Miss one-off kind of gig you will enjoy. More Info and tickets at AuroraTheatre.com


2 Plays by Christopher Durang







through June 27, 2021

Onstage Atlanta is bringing two of Durang’s one-act opuses to indoor stage with a carefully monitored house. All appropriate Covid safeguards are in place, so if you have had your shots then fear not.

The Actor’s Nightmare is a show about an actor who finds himself shoved into roles he had no idea about. He comes off as one wh could screw up a one car funeral procession, and towards the end of his scenes he finally gets the idea and tries to carry off as The Bard might have wanted; except he winds up beheaded. The cast of players in this one and the second show is comprised of Maya Caldwell, Matt Hulsey, LeeAnna Lambert, Steven Medina, Kyra Pierce, Stuart Schleuse and Christa Sfameni all under the direction of DeWayne Morgan.

After intermission you meet up with Sister Mary Ignatius who Explains It All For You. This work won a Obie when it hit the boards 40 years ago. It may not be for some of the Bible Thumpers, nor for the kiddies; as the good Sister has some somewhat skewered views of life and Church in many ways. The one thing she is always adamant about is that she is always right and must be duly respected. Amen.

These shows play Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm. More info and socially distant seating is available at OnStageAtlanta.com


Dolly Reinvented


If you snooze you lose. This is a one-night cabaret featuring five great performers who belt out so many of Dolly’s great hit numbers.

This is to take place on in the main stage at 8pm, this Friday, June 18th. Know that the Aurora sells all seats in socially distant pods, and all Covid precautions are diligently observed.

Seat is selling fast, so check them out at AuroraTheatre.com and enjoy!


Best of Broadway

Best of Broadway
Lyric Theater
through June 13, 2021

WOW! What an incredible amount of work by this local professional theatre company for only 4 nights. Sure hope they may find a way to extend the shows, as they are already SRO for each performance due to observing social distancing guidelines, which brings the house down to fewer than 150 happy patrons for each show.

The show is full tilt with a live band onstage, a cast of more than 24 players who sing and dance their ways into your hearts. They even bring to the stage a group of young dancers who thoroughly delight the crowd.

There is no story line, as this is done as a review featuring 22 memorable numbers from many of the great Broadway shows of more than 60 years. Directed by May Nye Bennett who actually takes to the stage in this one, the show is brilliantly choreographed by Tecia Chavez, Lauren Brooke Tatum and Kari Twyman. Spoiler: you will feel like singing along, but be mindful of your neighbors.

As of now there are fewer than a dozen seats left, but check in at their website for more info at AtlantaLyricTheatre.com

How great to see live folks on stage and under a roof. Maybe things are really getting better…..


Dearly Departed

Lionheart Theatre
through May 23, 2021

When the New York Daily News reviewed Dearly Departed they just had to opine that it was “drop dead funny.” And so it is. This is a riotous showcase with 13 great performers coming to you from somewhere down in Dixie. And if you look up the word “dysfunctional” in the Good Ole Boys Dictionary, I am pretty sure it says, “See family.”

The patriarch of the Turpin family cashes out after a libation and all hell starts to break loose. You know some of the family and friends; a son who is a real loser, a goofy sister, the local preacher man, and some neighbors who want to organize a meaningful funeral. But, how often would a window wish to have the slogan “Mean & Surly” on the tombstone of the dearly departed spouse?

Directed by Marla Krohn, the cast actually includes artistic director Tanya Caldwell, and a dozen other fine actors who pour their hearts into this hilarious show. It may not be for some Bible thumpers, or those who may have lost a dear one recently; but to the rest of us who are sick of watching the news each day; this is a terrific alternative. Two hours of non-stop humor, incredible goodies to nosh on, free parking and appropriate Covid cautions in force. It is a MUST SEE.

Show times are 7:30 on Fridays and Saturdays and 2pm on Sundays. More info at LionHeartTheatre.org