Out Front Theatre
through November 11, 2023

Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin were entranced by the book that Chad had co-authored with Bob Martin, about a high school in Indiana that got into a load of aggravation over running a prom where they did not want and gay folks included.

A splendid cast of 18 players come forth as students and their families, all under the direction of Caty Bergmark, with superb singing and dancing through 18 explosive numbers. If you think about families you may know, or belong to, this one will really resonate with your senses; as so many people who are homophobic may also be not quite that bright. Think about it. Gay folks don’t hate others predicated upon their sexual preferences; whereas so many of them good old folks have a ton of trouble with people they can’t understand. Alas, our population is like the world at large. Those of us who have been around a lot know that the more you know people of different backgrounds, the less inclined you may be to kill them; . . . unless you want to go to war.

This is an exceptionally well done production at Out Front Theatre, and every seat in the house has great views. It may not be for the kiddies; but you will enjoy it fully. More info and tickets at