Great Shows at Onstage Atlanta




through December 19th

OK, so Onstage is a smaller theatre, not downtown. But they have been around now for 50 years and are shooting for the moon. Right now they have three different shows, each of which is a pure delight.

A TUNA CHRISTMAS is on the small box stage and playing through to December 19th. It is a real riotous show set in the hick town of Tuna, TX, where there is a lot of crazy stuff going on with seasonal competitions and family matters. Directed by Cathe Hall Payne, the two actors are on stage throughout the show, as they play more than 20 roles as both male and female characters. It’s so hard to image how anybody can remember all those lines, when most of us can’t remember our email addresses. Not only that, but the costume changes take place as fast as lightning. It’s a non-stop laugh fest.

Meanwhile . . . on the main stage they are presenting the WILLY WONKA musical. And this one is full power as well. Also directed by Cathe Hall Payne, this one has a cast of more than 20 players, who dance and sing their way through the story of a youngster who hopes to win a lifeime supply of chocolates if she happens to find the winning ticket. The show reminds one of the old adage about actors not wanting to share the stage with kids or dogs. For obvious reasons . . . . you want to take them all home with you. The Oompa Loompas are mostly younger folks who are singing and dancing their way into your hearts, and this one is also a non-stop treat. Kathy Buracyznski handles the music and Janie Young choreographed the gang. This one also runs through the 19th.

And on the small stage you can a one-man version of Dicken’s tale about that grumpy old miser. This one will close on the 18th.

Bottom line is just that these productions are each very well presented in a comfortable venue by professional actors. The location is easy to get to, free parking, good seats, and concessions avail for dining on the patio. Covid protocols require you bring your CDC card or other proof of shots, a photo ID and keep your mask on while in the facility. A small aggravation to deal with in return for such a rewarding time. More info at