Senior Moments

Senior Moments
Art Station
through February 27, 2022

If you snooze, you lose. This is one of those chances to grab a seat at a small local theatre and get blown away by a show that is the quality of something you saw in the Village. Senior Moments is produced and performed by The Paris Dancers and 2d Act Performing Company, and they really bring down the house.

If you think that a dancer’s life is over in his/her thirties, then you may be excited to see this troupe of more than a dozen players hit the boards with all the style and energy of those 20 year olds.

Cherilynn Paris has worked with dancers for more than 50 years and this latest group is made up of dancers who are aged 56 to 82. Actually, most of them you will see are over 70, and not just sitting around watching the idiot box,

In this stellar presentation they work through dozens of numbers and what is mind blowing is the number of costume changes these ladies can go through. As most of us in the house would agree, the music and dance brings us back to the days of our youth, even though that was quite a while ago.

You can clap, sing along, and maybe even hit the stage for a few steps should you wish to do so. The show runs only through February 27th, so go on-line and get your tickets. Arts Station is located in the old Stone Mountain Village and the website is at ArtStation,com. Know they are VERY Covid observant, so bring your CDC cards and wear your masks and enjoy a wonderful evening you will never forget.