The Golden Gals Live

The Golden Gals Live
Out Front Theatre
through June 25, 2023

If you are over a certain age you will fondly remember more than 150 episodes of The Golden Girls. It was those four old broads living together in Miami. Blanche was the slut, Rose was the dumb-nut, Dorothy was divorced from the jerk, Stan; and Sophia was Dorothy’s mother.

This production is a touring company which thankfully has come to our town, although they are getting back on the road after this weekend. You have four drag queens on stage and a couple of supporting cast members. Ginger Minj may be the director, but he/she is also Blanche Devereaux; the one every sailor and bar hopper knows.

It remiinded me of when I was in St. Olaf and they had a touring company. The only problem was they didn’t bring any seats with them. But, fear not. Out Front has easy parkiing, good views from every seat and goodies at the bar. This show, in particular is a real non-stop laugh-fest. You know the characters, and they are all on stage for you to enjoy a couple of hours.

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