The Nerd

The Nerd
Lionheart Theatre
through September 24, 2023

The Nerd by Larry Shue has ben around for decades and is a favorite of the Director, Rick Adams. It is about an architect in Terre haute, Indiana who was in the armed forces when his life got saved years earlier by a fellow-soldier to whom he promised friendship and support for all their lives.

Willum (Paul Milliken) comes face to face with Rick (Scott Starkweather) who has shown up but lacks most social skills, and isn’t great on building relationships. The rest of the gang at his 34th birthday party are played by Laruen Casola, Serenity Finocchio, Zachary Grizzle, Holla Majors and Hunter Showalter.

As the play goes on you will wonder how they are going to resolve all the design issues that are the basis of some serious concerns. But, fear not. After intermission things will change quite a bit. And, if you’ve not been to Lionheart before; know that not only do they have free parking, good seating and easy access; but they also treat everybody to goodies including lots of drinks and home baked pies and cakes.

This is a really pleasant facility just off Norcross Square and you can get info and tickets very easily at