Trading Places, the Musical

Trading Places, the Musical
Alliance Theatre
through June 26, 2022

Kenny Leon is back in town, and in a certain manner has brought the Big Apple back with him. Based on a film by the same name, this adaption into a musical was written by Thomas Lennon with music and lyrics by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner. But when the offer was put on the table, Kenny Leon must have yelled YES at full volume.

The story is inane, as it is how two commodity brokers who happen to be siblings, get into a bet with each other as to how one of them might train some street person to cash in big time. Nothing goes as planned, and even though two folks trade places they each turn out to be better human beings. That is not something that often happens on Wall Street.

With a cast of more than 20 players, and a full scale live band they work through about 18 numbers, with good sets, props, costumes and choreography. If you think this is one that could actually go from Atlanta to NYC then you are right on; for it has the appropriate story line and the proper street lingo. After all, is not the “f word” the universal modifier in many urban areas?

High powered evening with great seating for all. More info and tickets at