Triassic Parq

Triassic Parq
Out of Box Theatre
through May 26, 2018

This is not your grandma’s musical. Marshall Pailet with Bryce Norbitz and Steve Wargo, put this one together about 6 years ago. It opened in SOHO, and it is kind of obvious that it belonged in that part of town.

Take Jurassic Park and redraft it and camp it up as it was interpreted by the dinosaurs themselves. They al need to address issues of life expectancy, procreation, acceptance and so much more. Trevor Rayshay Perry, Dylan Parker Singletary and Hannah Marie Craton are the three velociraptors. T-Rex is played by Sarah Watkins the pianosaurus is Andrae Peterson and the mime-a-saurus is Savannah Jones. And there is even one or more of these critters in dino-drag, such as Christopher Carpenter who takes the stage as Deborah.

Kiernan Matts directed this one, with a sound track crafted by Annie Cook. The show runs through 16 numbers with lots of screaming and confrontations. It is a special kind of show, which you dig nor don’t. But, who knows? More info at