Women in Jeopardy

Women in Jeopardy
Georgia Ensemble Theatre
through March 5, 2023

Wendy MacLeod pulls you in to the lives of Mary (Parris Sarter), Jo (Valeka Jessica), and Liz (Stacy Melich). They are all now divorced and in their 40’s. Liz’s new guy is giving the other two the nervous tremors as they wonder who and what he really is. Is Jackson (Tony Larkin) really just a dentist? He certainly is one looking down in the mouth at ladies.

Directed by Topher Payne, the company suggests that this comedy could well be a merger of Sex and The City with Murder, She Wrote. Albeit ain’t that hilarious. But as Georgia Ensemble says, it’s a good time out for groups of girlfriends, couples in happy relationships, single moms who love true crime podcasts, and anyone trying to navigate divorce with a sense of humor. The humor among the patrons may be hard to discern, and it seems to be more of a Chick thing, provided the viewer has worked through her divorce and has finished therapy and can really get on with a life.

They recommend this one for adults only, and certainly not for young folks who’ve been traumatized by living through a parental split-up, or need not reflect upon what may have been going on in the sports arena where the parents sleep.

If you had tickets for the January run of Women in Jeopardy, which had to be moved to February, and have any questions about your new tickets, just reach out to their box office and they’ll take care of you. More info and tickets ow available at GET.org