9 to 5

9 to 5
Onstage Atlanta
through April 2, 2017

Dolly Parton’s adaptation of the film, 9 to 5, has become a Broadway legend and to this day it is probably playing somewhere every day of a year.  This musical is done by Onstage to the Nth degree and is a total delight.

The underlying story is of women working for somebody who possibly could have become a President.  He’s egocentric, undervalues women, and thinks he reigns supreme in all areas.  But, he meets his downfall when the women come together and decide to take a Tony Soprano approach to resolving their dilemmas.

Jennifer Morse is Violet, a supervisory female who is banging her head against a glass ceiling.  They’ve just hired Judy (Courtney Loner) who has absolutely no business experience, but they’re going to make her fit in.  Doralee (Misty Barber Tice) is the current object of affection for the boss, Mr.  Hart (Zip Rampy) who is somewhat obnoxious in his moves.  A dozen other players comprise the cast, and there’s an off-stage live band of five players headed by Paul Tate.

In the slight possibility that you’ve not seen the show before, I shall not tell you how they actually get control, and what ultimately happens to boss with a horny Hart.  Rest assured, that Dolly Parton wouldn’t have been so involved in this work, if all didn’t come right in the end.  At least for the good ladies of the company.

Elisabeth Cooper directed, and there’s plenty of great dance choreographed by Ty Autry.  When they go to intermission you just can’t wait to get back and see how things evolve.  Bottom line is that this is one of the best that you can see right now and you can get more info and tickets at OnstageAtlanta.com