Angels in America Part Two

Angels in America Part Two
Actors Express
through February 17, 2018

This is the sequel to Tony Kushner’s epic work, and were it to run with the Part One, would be almost an 8 hour adventure. As it is, this part, which he names Perestroika (restructuring) is set in the 1980’s in the days of reformation here and abroad and when glasnost was declared. I had been working in Moscow in those days and recall that when McDonald’s opened on Red Square, that people lined up about a mile to wait for their burgers and fries.

These were the days of the McCarthy era and the spread of AIDS. Roy
Cohn had worked for McCarthy and was the prosecutor who got Julius and Ethel Rosenberg convicted of espionage and sentenced to death. McCarthy was a piece of work as is well known, and Cohn wasn’t any better.

The same eight players who appeared in Part One, reprise their roles in this part, and do so with incredible energy, going through five acts and more scenes than I cold count. Set in NYC, we find that AIDS is becoming a plague in the homosexual community. Cohn actually comes down with it, as do three other men in the story.

So much of the story deals with how and what we accept as true, how we treat others, and where the world is heading. Considering the nature of world events in this day and time, it seems quite on point.

I would suggest you attend Part One prior to Part Two; but if not this can work as a stand-alone. Just read the reviews and info on Part One, Millennium Approaces. This part runs about 3.5 hours, so grab a bite before the show. More info available at