Serenbe Playhouse Intown
through September 11, 2016

Yasmina Reza’s Tony winning play is cast as a comedy; and in fact it premiered as such in Paris in 1994. Like many comedies, it is also rife mit sturm und drang. This one is being performed at Atlanta Contemporary which is located downtown on Means Street not far from Georgia Tech area.

Director Ryan Oliveti brought together a cast of three players, each of whom plays his role to the max. Serge (Daviorr Snipes) is a dermatologist who has invested a bucket of money in a painting which may not be as revered by others as it is by him. The unframed solid white canvas, by an artist they refer to at Antrois, reminds one of some of Ellsworth Kelly’s works. The show is set in Paris and at one point refers to works in the Beaubourg. Obviously the playwright has seen works by Kelly and Jackson Pollock and others, whose works may be deemed to be art. C’est la vie.

Marc (Adam Fristoe) is one of Serge’s friends and he just doesn’t share Serge’s admiration of the work, and that is the start of the journey through the play about friendships. Yvan (Daniel Parvis) is also their friend, and he at first alleges to side with Serge on appreciation of the art. But, Yvan is up to his behind in preparation for his wedding and dealing with the usual sort of family relationships. His high speed monologue is quite a work of art in itself.

The energy levels in this play are such that it must run as one act, albeit there are many scene shifts. Running time is about 90 minutes. Be aware that there is plenty of verbal combat, so it is not the Odd Couple or trio. It is about relationships and the essence of friendships. Easy venue, free parking and more info online at