Bewitching 2023

Bewitching 2023
Lionheart Theatre
through October 15th

Don’t be afraid to make a visit to Lionheart. What you will enjoy is a series of eight short plays each of which is appropriate to the scary days to come in a few weeks. While it may not be quite as freaky as some political pronouncements, it is a very entertaining couple of hours.

They start with Dracula Gets Gingivitis, then some Monstrous Villainy, followed by Which Fest and Ghosts. Then there is a break when you are treated to the goodies they have put out for every visitor. But, fear not. When the show resumes you witness the Fears of a Clown, some Sweet Fright The Ghost of Mincemeat Annie and lastly getting into the discourse of how Monsters Matter.

With an evening written by eight playwrights and directed by eight folks with more than 20 actors taking the stage, it is quite unusual and appropriate. Lionheart is just off the square in Norcross, easy to get to, plenty of parking, great food and drinks and even comfy seats. More info and tickets at