Home, I’m Darling

Home, I’m Darling
Synchronicity Theatre
through October 29, 2023

Laura Wade wrote this one about a couple who have been experimenting in their relationship by living in the 50″s, albeit those were years gone by. The play directed by Rachel May, features John Benzinger, Marcus Hopkins-Turner, Eve Krueger and Bethany Anne Lind.

The wife is a stay at home housekeeper, who is washing, cooking, and minding all the daily needs; while the hubby is off to work and bringing home the pay check that can live on. As we watch the relationship we start of wonder if either of tem might be totally happy with such a life. And inasmuch as every time he comes come, he may open the door a yell out; Darling, I’m Home. Of course he is, otherwise how would she hear that.

But if she really didn’t know who it was, it cold have been anybody yelling out that their name was Home. And you may be waiting to hear her shout back a line like “Home, I’m Darling”.
The show is a delight. Nobody gets hurt. I runs about 2 hours with one intermission

Easy to get to with nearby parking and a really comfy venue midtown. For more info and tickets visit them at SynchroTheatre.com