Cash / Carter Tribute





Cash / Carter Tribute
Aurora Theatre
through July 3, 2021

A couple of local shining stars have taken to the stage in a cabaret style performance of a tribute to Johnny Cash and June Carter. Chase Peacock walks the line as Cash while Maggie Salley wows the house as Carter. These two both play instruments as well as sing, and they tell the story of the lives of the amazing duo; from the days they met up at the Grand Ole Opry to their final days.

Backed up by a stellar trio consisting of Nick Edelstein on guitar, Otis Gould on the drums and Jordan Thomas on Bass; the company moves through many famous numbers, each of which is handled by everyone on stage without any score in front of them. They come off as the real thing; and the audience just wants to clap along, stamp their feet and sing along; any of which is certainly acceptable.

The Aurora observes pretty strict Covid safety systems, so prepare that your temperature will be taken to gain entry, and everyone in the house is required to wear a mask. Notwithstanding the aggravations of the Covid stuff, it is an evening of really great entertainment; and may be a long time before this couple gets back onstage here; as they are heading off to The Big Apple to work their way onto the Broadway stage as quickly as they can. We wish them great success.

This is a Don’t Miss one-off kind of gig you will enjoy. More Info and tickets at