Calder-Picasso Exhibit

Calder-Picasso Exhibit
High Museum
through September 19, 2021

The High Museum is currently hosting a very thought provoking exhibit of works by Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso. Calder is best known for his metal mobile works and wire sculptures while most of Picasso’s works are his modernistic paintings, many of which you will recognize instantly. This exhibit, was organized by Ann Dumas from The Houston Museum of Fine Art and has come to Atlanta from the Musée National Picasso in Paris, and is a Must See for everyone of any age. The kiddies seem to enjoy it as much as the AARP crowd.

The show occupies several galleries on the second floor of the High, and you may also visit other areas while there. There are online specifications relating to tickets, Covid requirements, and times. So you should first look into the website which has all the info at There is garage parking available although if you are able to grab Marta, it could be an easy way, considering local traffic.

These artists may have been from the same time periods but they came from very different backgrounds and actually were never real buddies. It is said they may have actually met fewer than 6 times, albeit they both passed in the mid 1970s.