Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted
Synchronicity Theatre
through January 5, 2020

You remember that poor young woman with the nasty foster mother who was a scullery maid, but wound up a princess with a glass slipper for her personal ID. Then come along and meet Ella (akin to Cinderella) who is living a lousy life but things might just work out.

Karen Zacarias adapted the story line from the book by Gail Carson Levine, and Deborah Wicks La Puma, crafted the score to move the tale along. This work is highly energetic and is directed by Jenna Tamisiea Elser.

You get to meet Ella (L’Oréal Roaché) who is living with that nasty mother, and her husband who passes on. Marcie Millard plays the mother, and also comes on as the egotistic Dame Olga who would but marry off one of her daughters to Sir Peter (Robert Hindsman) a noble with a deep pocket. Her girls are Hattie (Meg Harkins) and Olive (Alexandria Joy)

The problem is that as a young lass Ella was bewitched with a curse that required her to obey any commands made to her, regardless of what she might prefer to do, or not to do. The Fairy Godmother is Lucinda (Amy Reynolds) and that curse can’t go away until and unless Ella can find Lucinda and invoke her compassion. That’s when she comes across the love of her life, Prince Char (Alex Harding) who just happens to be getting ready to host a ball where he can check out the available ladies.

You kind of know the story and how it must turn out; for no Fairy Godmother would really deliberately hurt somebody. She hadn’t intended the outcome that comes to pass. Things get weirder in this one as the ogres try to impose their hungry passions on Ella. But, don’t sweat it. All come out OK in the end. While most of the audience were adults, even the kids there were drawn into the tale and thoroughly enjoyed it; especially the Ogre’s dinner proposal song.

It’s another nice production by this small company, located midtown and easy to get to. If you use the garage adjacent to the building be sure to get your discounted parking pass at the refreshment stand. More info and tickets at SynchroTheatre.com