Alliance Theatre
through September 17, 2023

This is a show about some Iranians attending a small class of ESL in a town not far from Tehran. The theme is how those who grow up speaking their native language, in this case Farsi, can more easily change over to a second adopted language.

Written by Sanaz Toossi and with five actors reaching into their lives to figure out what to do, vis-a-vis maybe moving to the United States or some other English speaking land. You meet Goli (Auveen Dezgaran), Omid (Ash Kahn), Elham (Sade Namei) and Roya (Saye Yabandeh) who are the students and Marjan (Pooya Mohseni) who is their teacher trying to prep them for an ESL test.

Part of living in todays Iran is that the so-called morality police, are making life a living hell for many women. Iran is a land that is beautiful and the people are nice but it is another of those lands which is blessed but also burdened by authoritarian regimes. A lot worse then when the Shah still ran the show.

This one runs about an hour and 20 minutes with the intermission. It is not one for the kiddies, nor maybe not for the recent green card arrivals. But, if you have lived in areas like south Florida you know how a second language can often become and almost-first one.

There is more info and tickets available at AllianceTheatre.org