The Wake

The Wake
at Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

This new play by Vynnie Meli goes back to the olde sod for the wake of a local It’s a bit from Finnegan’s Wake but different. The 16 rounds of music are directed by Clark Taylor while Mira Hirsch is the director of the show.

The music isn’t stuff you’ll recall much, unless you spend a lot of time at your local, But, Oh Danny Boy as sung by the funeral director (Spencer Stephens) will ring a bell. The rest of the cast is made up of Faina Khbkin, Rivka Levin, Trevor Goble and Clark Taylor doubles as narrator for the story.

As Finneas lies beneath the shroud by the window to the heavens, the grieving family and friends know that there is plenty of booze and nosh on the tables. Just have to get through the night with everybody OK>

This is not one for the youngsters, nor for those with recent losses. But it is well performed and you may find it coming back to a local stage in the future.

The show closes this weekend, so get tickets easily at