Godspell, Jr.

Godspell, Jr.
Studio Theatre at Sandy Springs
closes November 12th

This is a production by the young folks from the City Springs Theatre Conservatory, and it is a very high energy 75 minutes in one act. You will be blown away by 30 of the students directed by Haden Rider. Tsumari Patterson and James Wood are the two leads and they are backed up by 28 more in the Ensemble.

What it tells you as they work through the 10 numbers, is that we have some really talented young folks in our community many of whom may wind up onstage in coming years. So, if you see another offering by this group, be sure to think about attending.

The parking was free for this one, but you might need a psychiatrist to help you get out of the garage there, and for seating, try to get yours on the risers; which while further back in the small house are much better views.

More info at CSTConservatory.com