GSO Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana
Georgia Symphony Orchestra

Car Orff brought together this unusual orchestral story based on desires and tales of a bunch of old friars with some unusual wishes. It premiered in America about 1955 and is a most unusual piece, consisting of 25 movements and a playing time of about one hour.

It takes a lot of gusto to opt into staging this one. The GSO was there in full number and they were backed up by there Chorus, joined by the GSO Youth Symphony Chorus and The Atlanta Boy Choir; so there well over 200 performers on stage. Hats off to Timothy Verville, the GSO music director and conductor.

In addition to this massive opus, they started off the two performance presentation with a Claude Debussy piece and Brahm’s Academic Festival Overture. While they are now off for their summer break and traffic jams; they’ll be back on stage in October. The GSO does a splendid job with every concert and you can get plenty of info on the upcoming 2023-2024 season at their website