Jesus Hopped the “A” Train

Jesus Hopped the “A” Train
Actor’s Express
through July 2, 2023

This is a production of a play which delves deeply into religious beliefs and non-beliefs. Written by Stephen Adly Guirgis, the play is set in the Rikers Island jail, there are two prisoners played by Sekou Laidlow and Cristian Gonzalez who are being held on murder charges.

One of them may be relying on his faith in the almighty to save him from further pain and angst, while the con across the hall is a non-believer who relies more on the possibility of a good lawyer saving his toosh. Directed by Eric J. Little, the cast also includes Jacob York, Cara Mantella, Luis Hernandez and Andrew Randolph.

This is a very sensual dive into the nature of these two, one of whom has more to atone for than the other as he has commtted a multitude of felonies. It is a difficult story with loads of yelling out and the use of the “F word” as the universal modifier. Ergo, it isn’t for Ms. Prim nor the kiddies; while it surely resonates with so many of us understand that the work dysfunctional is predicated upon families.

A harrowing script, masterfully done. More info and tickets at Actors-Express,com