The Wiz

The Wiz
True Colors Theatre
through July 2, 2023

When L. Frank Baum penned his famous children’s book in 1900, it is hard to imagine that he could have foreseen it’s trip to Broadway, the 7 Tony awards, nor the more modern adaptation now played just as The Wiz. This one is a real eye opener and crowd pleaser.

The Wiz with music and lyrics by Charlie Smalls brings into the ‘hood of a cast of 15 players, each of whom is African-American, and the set and technical aspects are certainly Broadway quality; while the players run through their trip to Oz, that looks more like Atlanta. Backed up by live singers and musicians, they belt out many a tune as a Tin Man seeks a heart, the Straw Man looks for a brain and that cowardly Lion wants to get pumped up. Dorothy, on the other hand just wants to get back to Kansas. Did she always love tornados?

You will be blown away by the costumes, rapid changes, and the choreography designed by the play’s director, Brian Jordan, Jr. The packed house is just blown away by the first-class production. So, for an wonderful few hours, plan your trip to the Southwest Arts Center and enjoy. Full info and tickets at