Jukebox Giants and Motown More

through August 27, 2023

They’re Back for a third inning at The Strand! And loaded with energy like the old days, when the Jukebox was belting out all themm good Oldies. Direted by Shane DeLancey and choreoggraphed by Zac Phelps, a cast of 13 singers and dancers bring so many goodies to the audience. Backed up by a live on-stage band of 10 players, and with so many glamorous old costumes, they bring down the house,

Avanni Cherie, Joi Henry, Kristen Kenebrew, Ruth Mehari and Taylor Pasqualetti-Campbell provide an undeniable supply of eye candy for the audience; while Carle Atwater, Rayvon Love, Maurice Clermont, Parick Hamilton, Jr, James Patrick, Charles Pruitt, Jordan Rivers and Deshawn Willliams are a group of classy gentlemen who also like to enjoy an evening of song and dance.

This is certainly one that senior citizens relate to, sing along with, clap in time, and thoroughly enjoy. But, if you sleep you lose, so reserve your seat now online or by phone. East to get to, plenty of local parking, all seats with good view and more info and tickets at EarlSmithStrand.org