Red, White and Tuna

Red, White and Tuna
Onstage Atlanta
through August 27, 2023

Them guys fromTuna, Texas is back agin, and I gotta tell y’all that you sure gonna have one helluva good time if you get yourself over to Onstage Atlanta for this here one.

Brandon Mitchell and DeWayne Morgan hit the stage doin’ an unbelievable number of roles, and you gonna split your sides laughin’ at this one. It’s time to elect a Prom Queen and natcherly Vera thinks it should be her. But, things in Tuna don’t always work out so good.

Leslie Kimball directed this here show. If you seen any of them other Tuna shows you may recall most of the characters like the goofy pet shelter guy, Petey, and that gal, Didi who owns the gun shop. Of course the show starts off at local radio station RUOK with them two locals doin’ their thing on the air for the whole town to hear.

I could go on fer quite a while, but figgered it might be better to just tell you what this here snobby friend of mine done wrote me. He said “The production was well staged and one in the audience watching the show would marvel at the incredible speed with which these two veteran performers changed roles as well as costumes. They must have had the help of some real good dressers. The timing was spot-on and the show was a pure delight.”

In plain language I can tell y’all that Tuna got some quirky and but good folks living there, but like all town, big and little, there is always some problems and their’s is right funny, through every minute of the play. I guarantee you that you will enjoy each and every minute of this here one, so just go to their website,, and you can get more info and tickets. They do the show Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!