Dad’s Garage
through October 13, 2018

This opus by Travis Sharp is a restaging of the riotous show he wrote in 2006 and was staged in the old Dad’s Garage venue. Not only is he the playwright, but he is on the Board of Dad’s Garage, as well as being on the boards. There have been some revisions, we are told; but no worries. It is still the same story, and as the Frenchies would tell you; “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

The hick town of Lawrenceburg is about to become invaded by a Mall-Mart super store, and that is a real problem for all the local small merchants, as well as the farmers and other locals. And, they have a mayor (Travis Sharp) who is financially in bed with the Mall-Mart gang. The Sheriff, who is like a current day political aide, is played by Amanda Williams.

Some of the locals want to take to the streets to protest and run the project off the tracks, so their town will stay as it was. They have concern that while female employees will be paid the same as males; that all males will be paid as if they didn’t have a green card.  Hannah Aslesen is Marcie Foote, a prime mover of the resistance; and when I say mover, you have to see all the athletic moves she and the others bring to this production.

The show is not about race or ethnic background. In fact the attorney, Wally Goldstein is played by a black actor, Rickey Boynton. And the semi driver, Blacktop Cowgirl, is played by Kirsten King. They all work things out with Freddie Boyd and Jeremy Aggers joining the gang.

What’s really cute is the interaction of the musicians and other cast members with the audience; so that sometimes it as a play within a play.   More info at