Merry %#!*ing Christmas

Dads garage Christmas

Merry %#!*ing Christmas

Dad’s Garage at Hertz Stage

through December 19, 2015

The Dad’s Garage company has brought a terrific production to the Hertz Stage at the Alliance. The play, by Kevin Gillese and Arlen Konopaki, is a riot. Know before you go that this is NOT for the kiddies; nor for Miss Prim. There are plenty of expletives and single entendres, but the show is a winner.

An off-duty Santa (Chris Rittelmeyer) runs onto a little orphan girl (Karen Cassady) who is moaning about her status. But, this Santa isn’t the nice all-loving tub of joy one might expect. For he is being hunted down by Scrooge (Chris Blair) who has been brought back to life to the present day so long as he does as he is told. He teems up with a despondent guy, Jerry (Mark Kendall), and these two have their differences in finding their ways through life as it may be. I can’t disclose the story line, but safe to say, it ain’t the usual.

One character who will really get to you is Frosty (Taylor M. Dooley). Frosty has some problems that will just seem to warm you (and Frosty) up. Frosty’s creation, costume and appliances are a show within a show.

There are dozens of scenes and the actors do twirling jumps to denote each scene change. Unlike the usual improv works this company is famous for, this one is pretty well scripted and co-author Kevin Gillese directs the show. Some of the lines are sooooo funny that you will want to scribble them down for your own use.

The show is a 2 act production, with Ed Morgan and James Watson providing musical backup and narration. It runs about 2 hours with a 15 minute break. Great lines, many costume changes, a flexible set, and a very happy evening of not-your-usual stuff.

For tickets and times visit and follow the yellow brick road.