Museum Alive

Museum Alive
Fernbank Museum
through June 21, 2018

Many of us know of Sir David Attenborough and his fantastic works with the BBC. In Museum Alive he visits the London Museum of Natural History and takes you on a tour through many of the creatures from the Mesozoic Era; long before we two-legged critters started to rule the earth.

Even if you’ve seen some clips of this on TV or the internet, it is nowhere near as thrilling as seeing it in 3D on a giant screen. This is one that every kid, even those in their 80s enjoy for every minute as it is mind-blowing. And, in truth it is fully based on scientific analysis paired with absolute genius filmography.

The museum provides 3D glasses as you enter the 3 story high theatre, and the show runs a little less and 60 minutes; every minute of which is full of amazement as well as humor. After all, who wouldn’t want to pet a Yeti?

But, plan for more time, as you will also want to do a walk about in this wonderful museum, and also visit the show about the human body and microbe lives. If you’ve never been there, the Museum is just off of Ponce on Clifton Rd.

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