Packing up Polly






Packing up Polly

Leslie Kimbell, who penned the Four Old Broads play, now has turned our attention to some younger broads who come together in some weird circumstances at the home of the late Polly Porter in Savannah.. Polly had been an active gospel singer and she was also one of those folks we all know, as she never seemed to toss out anything except maybe a relative.

If you’re of a certain age then you know of what I speak when I say that as we go through life acquiring things we feel that we own things. But, as our time grows shorter we wake up to realize that “things” own us. Ergo, we start off meeting daughter Caroline (Marita McKee) who is trying to get things organized, packed up and labeled for what goes where and how. A former classmate, Lizzy (Irene Polk), shows up. She may not have been the first person Caroline might have looked to for help. For they have their differences and are not really BFFs. Liz is pretty much into herself and trying to keep her pageantry business running.

A couple of other local ladies also show up, as the news hits the streets of Polly’s passing. Becca (Kelley Gray) shows up very much into her third trimester and ready to birth her fifth child. So the water alarm can go off at a moments notice. And local theatre diva, Donna Jo (Cat Rondeau) struts the stage as each of the ladies has her own agenda and history to deal with.

Directed by Barry West, the show runs in two acts on a set that reminds you to go home and straighten things up a bit. And if you don’t recognize somebody from your own family and circle of friends, then maybe you have missed something; as any issue which could arise seems to do so. It is a good story which is done to the tens by four fine actors.

Know before you go that Onstage takes every caution very well to protect each of us. Seating is limited, all areas are sanitized, and masks must be worn at all times when in the facility. They will also check your temperature, and any food and drinks must be consumed out on the patio. But the bottom line is good script, good cast, well performed, a safe environment and a heck of a lot better than watching all the repeats on the TV.

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