Disney on Ice

Disney On Ice
Dream Big

Infinite Energy Arena
through April 25, 2021

Mickey & Minnie and many more of the characters have come back to town, this time playing at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth. The show has a cast of more than forty performers who hit the ice in the usual Disneyesque costumes; many of whom you will immediately relate to. That includes princesses, ogres, fish, and so many more. Each of the characters come to the rink on skates and the moves are pretty much the same as you might have seen in the usual ballet numbers in grand skating competitions.

The presentation doesn’t have a specific story line, albeit you deduce some lines from the actions of the performers, as they all do their numbers to prerecorded scores. The venue has good view from all the seats, especially from the ones on the lower levels right by the skating rink. But, in the know-before-you-go category plan to take the kids and get there earlier than you are used to doing. Due to the Covid pandemic situation, the seating is set up akin to pods, with plenty of vacant seats around those you have. But, with the security and screening, one might feel it is easier to get into Hartsfield than to this facility.

And, when the show starts on time, the house goes dark and finding your way to seats can be a bit difficult. So if you have one of those little flashlights, or your cell phone has one, bring it with you.

The production runs about 2 hours with a 20 minute intermission; and the audience really enjoys it as they always do when Disney comes to entertain. Because this one is good for the youngsters, know the show time is 7pm, so plan to fight your way through some rush hour traffic if living more than a few miles away. More info and tickets at www.disneyonice.com