Passing Strange

Passing Strange
Theatrical Outfit
through October 22, 2023

This is not your usual musical, at all. The show is a series of experiences of a young black musician who is trying to find himself. It was brought together by Stew, and Heidi Rodewald who did the book, music and lyrics for the more than 20 numbers which the cast puts forth with great enthusiasm. This production features Christian Magby, Latrice Pace and Brad Raymond with Arianna Hardaway, Candy McLellan, Trevor Rashly Perry and India Three under the direction of Thomas W. Jones, II and an on-stage band of players under the baton of Morgan E. Stevenson and direction of S. Renee Clark.

The Young Man (Christian Magby) recalls his experiences growing up, the time he spends in America, The Netherlands, and Germany as the cast and crew belts out the story in the songs. They aren’t your grandparents songs, except maybe for some jazz number; but it’s mostly rock solid rock genre.

Playing at Theatrical Outfit downtown, with plenty of parking next door and reduced price parking tickets at the theatre. Easy to get to, and good seating. More info and tickets at