Secrets of a Soccer Mom






Secrets of a Soccer Mom
Stage Door Players
through April 14, 2019

The Dunwoody Stage Door Players are presenting a show about three soccer moms who are in a game as opponents to their kids, who are part of the young students team. Directed by Suehyla El-Attar, we meet up with the trio at the soccer field, and listen in as they explore themselves as well as each other.

Nancy (Adena Brumer) has some issues relating to personal relationships and desire to compete to win. Alison (Hannah Morris) is trying to define herself and finds it is not an easy chore. These mothers are all dealing with the daily job of mothering and all the other issues and problems which can rise up. For instance, Lynn (Brittani Minnieweather) is trying to stay connected with what’s happening on the field, while she is also deeply into managing and organizing some materials for the schools PTA. The play has humor as well as thought provoking comments.

The play by Kathleen Clark has enjoyed many small theatre showings around the country. She is also the playwright of Southern Comforts which is pretty much a standard these days.

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