Smoke on the Mountain

Smoke on the Mountain
Strand Theatre
through September 18, 2022

The Sanders family has played around here quite a few times before. Smoke on the Mountain is one of the 3 shows in which the strumming, singing, Bible thumping Sanders gang is featured and they have become standards, sort of like Nutcracker or Christmas Carol.

The pastor is trying to manage his pulpit but has a little trouble keeping those Sanders singers in control. The setting is a church in NC. And the show is basically a cabaret offering of 20, or more, gospel offerings; spiced with a bit of confusion, some humor, and some good ensemble playing and singing. All of the music is live and fun to watch.

While the title is from Psalm 104:32, it may not be hip for many kids, nor for those who could be overly sensitive about portrayal of religion. It certainly isn’t aimed at the cultural and intellectual elite nor the agnostics among us. But, hey; this is Georgia. So get yourself some boiled peanuts and pork rinds and enjoy a couple of hours at the Strand this weekend..

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