Somewhere Over The Rose

Somewhere Over The Rose
Art Station Theatre
through February 22, 2017

The Art Station Theatre in Stone Mountain Village is a comfortable small playhouse, with easy parking, nice refreshments, and offering enjoyable presentations of shows on their small stage.

Ending this Wednesday is a show about the lives of Judy Garland and Bette Midler, which is written and performed by Kathy Halenda, backed up by Patrick Hutchison on piano.   Kathy is one of those ladies who like so many actors, doesn’t pretend to act as somebody, but actually becomes that somebody on stage.  And she can belt out tunes in grand style.  Maybe that’s why she’s played around the country to very appreciate audiences.

She’ll take you on a tour of the life of Judy Garland, and some imagined interchanges with Bette Midler, and she’ll splendidly deliver up many tunes you will know and probably wish you could sing along.  But, please don’t. . . .

You can get some info and order tickets 24/7 at

And upcoming for St Patty’s Day will be their 21st Annual Raising of the Green celebration.  A chance to help a local house, and to win BIG.