Spit Like a Big Girl






Spit Like a Big Girl
Art Station Theatre

The life story of a young woman who is raising a developmentally delayed child and what she has to go through in her life, is presented by Clarinda Ross in the play which she, herself, penned based upon her own journey through life.

The title itself is derived from how one teaches a tot to brush her teeth and then expectorate. For it is repetition that helps such a youngster to get the concept. Angelica Spence appears with her in various scenes as they work their way through a life experience that nobody ever anticipates nor would necessarily welcome.

But, much of this is from her late father, in real life, who left many pages of thoughts as to child rearing and dealing with life; and it was after the special needs daughter, Clara, had moved into a group living facility that Clarinda started to bring this all to stage.

While the play first hit the boards a decade ago, it is as timely today as ever. For most of us who haven’t gone through the love and angst that she has, would be somewhat clueless as how to handle things.

Directed by David Thomas, it was a very entrancing and well presented life story.

The Art Station Theatre is in Stone Mountain and their next production, in May, will be Love & Money, by A. R. Gurney, which opens May 2nd. More info at ArtStation.org