Summer Surf Party!

Summer Surf Party!
Geogia Ensemble Theatre
through July 25, 2021

Georgia Ensemble has brought back the fabulous five band members to take us back in years and to the beach; albeit this one is on the Hooch at Chattahoochee Nature Center. But, fear not. Wear what you want, bring what you want to munch on, and if you want to clap in time, dance in line, sing along or just go back in time this is a great evening of fun and music from the old days, and a tribute to the Beach Boys and Rock.

They do observe the usual social distancing norms, and there are tables under the pavilion and tent area; while you can also buy lawn tickets and bring your own chairs. You will love the presentations by Dolph Amick and Christopher Kent on guitars, backed up by Jeremy Wood on the keys, Chris Damiano on Bass and Zion Glenn on the drums. Each of these players pour loads of energy into every number.

So if you wish they could all be California Girls you will enjoy this one. Show time is 8pm and they play Thursday through Sunday. You can get there early as they open at 7 and they do have a bar available. For more info and tickets go to