Through March 5, 2017

The Aurora in Lawrenceville is one of our local houses which plays to audiences of diverse cultural backgrounds.  This is the world premiere of a new work by Georgina Escobar, and it is defined as one brought to life by Latinx theatre folk.

The term Latinx refers to all people of Latin American heritage, be they teen or to elder, male or female, or any other diverse factor.  This highly energetic play is directed by Abigail Vega and is a one-act trip through time and space, dealing not with Latino issues, but with the relative needs and importance of different people.  It’s the playwright’s way of yelling out to pay attention to science, religion, sex, politics and more in the creation of the world as we know it.

The cast of five players take on ten roles.  Jasmine Renee Ellis and Candice McLellan are the leads, although each player has her/his time center stage as things go into orbit.  India S. Tyree, Cody Russell and Joshua Quinn complete the cast, which presents this play in the black box stage with a pretty stark set.

Yes, there is a lot of yelling, and the use of what we may now call Locker Room Talk, but they carry it off with great aplomb.  No, it is not for youngsters, Ms. Prim, or those whose feelings are that you should not confuse them with facts, as their minds are made up.

But, it is an experience unlike the usual theatre, and you can get more info and tickets at AuroraTheatre.com