The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie
Stage Door Players
through February 16, 2020

Thomas Lanier Williams (a/k/a Tennessee Williams) rose to fame in the early 1940s and is considered one of America’s best playwrights. Many of his plays draw on his own life experiences, most of which he shares with viewers who would hide their own behavior so often.

In this work, directed by Topher Payne, we dive into a play-within-a-play scenario. Amanda Wingfield ( Shelly McCook) lives in a small home with her son Tom (Jonathan Horne) and his older sister, Laura (Katie Causey). Tom works in a warehouse for a small paycheck but maybe there were no other jobs in the town. He is not a happy camper and has visions that seem to always impel him to find a better road to a happier life style. He’s into booze and drugs; just as Tennessee Williams was. And Williams’ sister was really a Laura.

Amanda’s husband abandoned the family years ago, and she has concerns for Laura that the young lady needs to marry, or otherwise wind up as a spinster with a slight mobility problem. She coerces Tom to bring a “Gentleman Caller” to the home, who might have eyes for Laura. Benjamin Strickland appears as a Jim O’Connor, who works at the warehouse, also.

There are plans and designs that don’t work out quite as Amanda would have them do, and maybe not quite how some in the audience might have hoped for. But, life is what happens while you wait for your plans to work out. This is a really good production about some folks you may know. Stage Door Players is easy to get to in Dunwoody with free parking, goodies, and every seat with good view. More info at